Friday, February 15, 2008

St Nicholas Hospice today

St Nicholas Hospice is in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk and all the staff and volunteers that work there are passionate about improving the lives of people who have have life threatening illnesses and their families.

I have the privilege of leading the team as Chief Executive. My blog will try and keep you up to date what is happening at the Hospice and the ideas we have for the future.


Wendy Evans said...


I have just read your blog - it's great and so clear, I just hope that people taek time to read it. I shall make time this week to find out about RSS!



Simon Dawkins said...

Great Idea!!!

Liz Stevenson said...

Barbara, have just found out about your blog via 'Network' online. A splendid idea. Communication is so important not only to people in general but to individuals trying to do their job efficiently and well. I look forward to reading more. Liz