Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Embracing change

As we are experiencing changes in our surroundings we are also coping with the normal changes that happen in organisations when people leave and join the organisation. We will be saying goodbye to some staff, seeing changing roles for others and welcoming new additions to the team.

Change can feel unsettling, but our work with patients and families makes us realise that change is part of life, although we cannot always have control of change we do have control on how we react and respond to it. But I do believe that our work with the dying and bereaved perhaps makes us more sensitive to change, perhaps because we deal with other people's uncertainties we would like less uncertainty in our own lives. Therefore if we all get involved with, and see how we can influence change it should decrease the uncertainty we may fear.

For the Hospice to continue to develop and thrive in the future we must all embrace change positively, over the next months we are going to be developing a plan that will carry us through the next 5 years.

Some of the ideas I have been thinking about are:
  • Making sure that all patients who might need our support really understand what we do and can easily access our services
  • Raise the profile of our work locally and nationally
  • Offer training placements to those who want to see excellent hospice care in action
I know that the whole team is passionate about the work we do and everyone will have a part in contributing to that plan and I look forward to hearing people's ideas.

Ideas are going to be collected:
  • On noticeboards
  • Via email
  • Comments on my Blog
  • Written suggestions to me or via your manager

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