Friday, June 20, 2008


This timeI thought I would talk about some new technologies that could help save time. Links to other websites are embedded in my blog. If you right click the links you can open a new window or tab.

With technology becoming an increasing part of our world at the Hospice we have been looking at new ideas. Basecamp was one of the first web based products we tried that has helped us with the refurbishment project. Recently Vicky has been developing online questionnaires that at the same time stream information directly into a spreadsheet using a product called Zoho creator.

For some time I have been recommending Firefox as a safer browser this page tells you why Firefox is so good and here you can download Firefox 3.

Once you have Firefox I would recommend you having a Google account, not only does it give you a good email account it gives you access to all sorts of free products click here to sign up and see what else you can do.

A video about RSS feeds explains a way of keeping up to date with news from your favourite websites or blogs, use Google reader as your feed reader and then you can put your Google reader on your home page by customizing your home page on Google.

So now you are set up and surfing the web, but how to save the links to sites - rather than saving your bookmarks in Firefox you can keep them on a bookmarking website, then you can access them whichever computer you are using - Commoncraft is a site that explains this.

The bookmarking site some of us started using is Diigo and we have a Group called St Nicholas Hospice that we can add links to.

All these ideas may be new to some of you the links will stay on my blog feel free to try as many of them as you would like to and let me know how you get on

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