Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Strategy

Over the next few months I will be talking with our staff, volunteers, service users, local GPs and District Nurses about the future direction of the Hospice.

We have supported thousands of people over the last 26 years, many have appreciated and benefited from the support we have given to them and their families. Some of the challenges we have been discussing have included:
  • More people with cancer are referred to the Hospice than people with any other illness like serious heart or lung conditions.
  • Many people are anxious about being referred to the Hospice, but when they meet one of our team in their own homes or come to the Hospice they realise we are here to help people live life to the full and sometimes people wish they had been in contact with the Hospice earlier in their illness.
Families and patients tell us that they appreciate that we are able to have those difficult conversations about dying - helping them to prepare and plan for death - something that will happen to all of us one day.

We need help with ideas how we can promote the message that we here to help with quality of life and are here to support the families as well.

These are some of the things we do, (but not everyone knows):
  • Give advice to GPs, District Nurses and Doctors working Out of Hours (e.g. Harmoni)
  • Attend meetings at GP practices to discuss how to support people at the end of their lives
  • Give advice and support to care homes
  • Organise school visits to the Hospice
  • Give advice about talking to children about serious illness in the family
We are also developing a new website - are there things you would like to see on there?

Please post your comments, thoughts and suggestions and I will look forward to receiving your feedback.

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